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Alessandro MarinoAlessandro Marino born Trani, in the province of Bari, the 23 February 1958.
After graduating from high school science, he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bari, during Decoration, in 1985.
From’ 85 all’ 88 teaches in a private school in Milan.
For a brief period, works, Eat sternum designer, for a firm objects of Settimo Milanese that draws male and female accessories, but, for contract, does not sign his work.
From’ 88 '92 is a civil servant in Monza, labor that leaves to return to teach in a private school in Trani, where he remained until '96, year in which he opens, with other teachers, The Institute Eugenio Montale, a Modugno, a few kilometers from Bari, which lends his work as director.
In all that time he never loses sight of his two great passions, painting and writing.
He paints his thoughts and writes of his paintings, trying to capture, on canvas or paper, that brief moment when life unveils her mystery before returning trivial.
In 2000 you enable the teaching of Art and Design Education and Art History.
For a short period he devoted himself to the woodcut but, meanwhile, continues to see strong contrasts of Caravaggio and dreamscapes of Magritte and Dali.
Being primarily a figurative since the time of the Academy and being his favorite genre Surrealism, over time and through the use of various techniques, reaches to his oil paintings of the 90s and 2000, paintings in which the figures tend to yield more realistic and almost photographic, perhaps to get, for years to come, ad un “surrealismo iperrealista” that allows him to combine his “thoughts paintings” mastery of the technique of oil on canvas that prefers.

The study of the painter

The study of the painter

From '90 participates annually in international competition pictorial “County of Bormio”, in Valtellina, won several awards.
He currently teaches at the high school equal “S. John Baptist de La Salle” Santeramo in Colle and paints in his studio, in their own homes, in Molfetta. In his laboratory in Corato, in the province of Bari, manufactures and customizes frames for his work.

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